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Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2006 - 11:24 A.M.

Hello and Happy New Year!

Iíve been pitiful about updating. And, Iím not saying that because Iím all ďOooh the DiaryLanders want me to update,Ē Iím saying it because I needed to update for myself. I go through periods where I simply cannot write enough, thoughts and ideas and their subsequent writings pour out of me like babies from Kelly Ripa. Then I go through periods where I canít even be bothered with it. I think about it and know I need to do it (how else will I reach my goal of writing for The National Enquirer? Oh, come on now, yíall -- I could make up some seriously whack shit for that rag), but thatís as far as it goes.

Through the generosity and great kindness of a friend, I have acquired a Dell Digital Jukebox. (Friend, I thank you for the other gifts you have given me as well, though I donít know that I can publicly disclose them. Yí know, since one of them is illegal.) This thing holds 15,000 songs. Letís think about that for a moment. If I were to actually fill it up (Iím currently at 343), that would mean that at $0.99 song I would have spent $15,000 on music. Thatís, like, a car. So, I, uh, well I am paying for most of them. Okay, some of them. Several. Er, a few. At any rate, it appears that I have a lot more ďfavoriteĒ songs and songs I just have to have or Iíll die than I thought I did.

Finally, Ambien. Fantastic drug that. Iíve got a little sleep problem and have been prescribed Ambien to help me fall out at night. Hereís the thing though, you really need to be able to beat it on off to bed within twenty or so minutes of taking it. Last night, after trying to go to sleep around 10:30, I finally got up and took an Ambien around midnight. Then, I thought Iíd get a head start on my day so, awake and (what I thought was) alert at 12:24a.m., I sent an e-mail to myself at work as a reminder of things I needed to do. Following is the e-mail I opened up at work this morning. Shocking. Iíve xxxíd out some things for confidentiality but otherwise? Completely unedited.

eemsinder to self:

don't take mbion for any other purjpose other than going to sleep, quickly pick your spot aND GET DOWN.

E-mails first

File any neccary e-pnauks next

oVERhead updating MUST BE DONE TODAY. Need to check bank on wire depositn.

Get with xxxxxx lquickly on xxxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/ also for lkdf;n Personally . Hope all are inWahnlkejghvewCAn systm.


People? This is your brain on drugs.

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