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Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005 - 3:02 P.M.

This past week I saw Walk The Line. The raves the movie and the performers are receiving are much deserved as itís a fine movie. Not a great movie, mind you (mostly because June Carterís reticence to romance was never explained), nonetheless a very good way to pass some time. Despite being a lifelong Nashvillian the movie was an eye opener. Iím not sure when Johnny got put into the ďcountryĒ category because he most definitely was not country in the beginning. Nor the end as far as I can tell. And Joaquin Phoenix didnít just act as if he were Johnny Cash, he channeled him, became him. Fantastic performance.

By all accounts Reese Witherspoon is not the biggest female star in Hollywood (a title Jennifer Aniston seems to hold at the moment) however, I think Reese could out-act Ms. Aniston any day of the week and twice on Sunday. And Iím a Jennifer Aniston fan! Picture Perfect? Very good! The Good Girl? Even better! (And, no, I don't consider this role "dramatic.") Sheís The One? Better still! Along Came Polly? Eh. Bruce Almighty? She was in that? I didnít notice. What with all the Jim Carrey schtick and all.

I also saw Derailed recently, which, regardless of the fact itís being marketed as (1) a Jennifer Aniston movie, and (2) representative of her desire to do more dramatic roles, is (1) not--itís a Clive Owen movie (Iím Łberpissed heís not the new James Bond by the way), and (2) meh--if this is Jennifer being dramatic, well, I think we now know why sheís ďhandled the break-up of her marriage to Brad Pitt with such poise and graceĒ as lots of media folk have been saying lately---she is incapable of drama! I mean, sheís so good at the funny, quirky everygirl stuff, itís hard to buy her as anything else. Even as desperately as she wants us to.

Moving on to Chicken Little. Disney? You should be ashamed of yourself. This movie is not just bad itís horrendously bad. You know how I know that? Because my 3Ĺ year old was more interested in trying to bite off, one-by-one, the tiny white balls from the Sno-Caps he was holding than he was in that movie. And thatís a lot of work, yo. Especially for a kid who canít be bothered to unwrap gum before he sticks it in his mouth. Future patrons? I urge you to run donít walk AWAY from this movie.

DreamWorks Animation SKG? Right on! Madagascar? Good! Could have been GREAT but as it is, is still better than most. It takes several viewings to fully enjoy it (by which I mean, to get all the jokes) which Iím not crazy about. Címon! Weíre living in a microwave popcorn, instant coffee society, people! I need jokes the first time around. Also? It needs more, more, more of the cheeky monkeys and the militaristically-inclined penguins.

Speaking of penguins, March of the Penguins? Excellent. Except for the whole they-travel-miles-and-miles-to-the-ocean-only-to-get-eaten-by-hungry-sharks-in-a-frenetic-and-bloody-mÍlťe-but-thatís-nature-so-deal-with-it thing. Otherwise, well done.

And since weíre talking about frenetic and bloody, recently I saw a movie thatís a few years old but canít be beat for some good ass kicking, stunt fighting action. The Transporter? Fantastic! Why did it not do better when it was out? Memo to its star Jason Statham: Iíd really like it if you could drop by my house and take off all of your clothes. Thank you.

Iím going to have to add him to my Sex Camp list. Incidentally, just as the creator of the game has done recently, I want to post an updated Sex Camp list soon. No doubt bigpimpinmba will poke fun at my choices. Perhaps Iíll ask him to post his list.

Finally, Diana Rossís agent has confirmed that she and Jon Voight are dating.

Youíre so welcome! I didnít want to live with that mental image all by myself. I hope Santa will be leaving a little therapy in my stocking this year.

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